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Come and Get It! Making Business Intelligence More Consumable, Part 2 Summary
In this second part of a three-part series, Claudia Imhoff and Colin White describe the information requirements for the two types of information workers and outline approaches that can help satisfy those requirements while at the same time making information more consumable.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Claudia Imhoff, Colin White | 0 comments
Information Quality Professionals as Consumer Advocates Summary
Larry English emphasizes that the challenge for IQ professionals today is to help executive leadership bring back a true customer focus.

Topics: Information Quality (IQ)

by Larry English | 0 comments
Who Needs a Business Intelligence Strategy? Summary
Korhan Yunak asserts that a technical business intelligence architecture document must not be confused with a business intelligence strategy.

Topics: Business Intelligence, KPI

by Korhan Yunak | 0 comments
Shewhart, Deming and Data Summary
Malcolm Chisholm says that a brief reprise of some of the ideas in Walter Shewhart's 1939 book is in order, along with W. Edwards Deming's comments, because they seem to relate not just to data quality, but to data itself.

Topics: Information Management, Data Management, Data Quality

by Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
Master Data Mix-Ups Summary
Chris Daniels reminds us that if we have different interpretations of the term “master data,” any conversations we have about master data and master data management could be at cross purposes.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Chris Daniels | 0 comments
Come and Get It! Making Business Intelligence More Consumable, Part 1 Summary
Business intelligence (BI) users are faced with problems on a scale hardly imagined just a few years ago. Responding to these problems requires an understanding of who the information workers are, what technologies work best for them and how to change their BI environments. In this first part of a three-part series, Claudia Imhoff and Colin White describe the history of information workers and discuss their characteristics.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Information Management, Analytics

by Claudia Imhoff, Colin White | 0 comments
Monitoring Performance with Dashboards Summary
Dashboards provide graphical depictions of current key performance indicators. Because the technologies for implementing dashboards have improved significantly over the years, Dan Power revisits the implementation of dashboards to monitor operational performance.

Topics: Business Intelligence, KPI, Dashboards
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by Dan Power | 0 comments
Master Data Management and the Challenge of Reality Summary
Malcolm Chisholm reminds us that records cannot be created in the absence of governance with the expectation that they can be matched up later.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Modelling Summary
Chris Bradley suggests seven key areas where information management practitioners are committing deadly sins.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments
Putting Predictive Analytics to Work Summary
Korhan Yunak provides excellent examples of real-life implementations of predictive analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Information Quality (IQ), CRM

by Korhan Yunak | 0 comments
The Extremes of Web Analytics: From Google to BAM and Business Intelligence Summary
In this article, Colin White reviews technologies and tools for producing web analytics and looks at how these analytics can be integrated into the enterprise business intelligence environment.

Topics: Analytics, Web Analytics

by Colin White | 0 comments
Drowning in Spreadsheets Summary
The aim of this article, says James Adman, is not to discourage you from using spreadsheet applications like Excel, but to encourage you to adopt practices that will allow you to use these tools safely.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Query & Reporting

by James Adman | 0 comments
Business Intelligence and Performance Management – A Necessity in Tough Economic Times Summary
Graham Spicer discusses why organisations must implement new performance management systems and establish capable business intelligence programmes to ensure financial stability in the current economic climate.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Performance Management

by Graham Spicer | 0 comments
“Whatever 2.0” and Going Digital Summary
Korhan Yunak explains why it is important to build integrated systems that link invaluable online data to existing business processes.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Web Analytics

by Korhan Yunak | 0 comments
Introduction to Master Data Management Summary
Andy Hayler defines master data management as the combination of organisation, processes and technology in support of the goal of managing master data on a consistent basis across the organisation and describes the problems that occur when master data is not properly managed.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Andy Hayler | 1 comment

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