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Master Data Management and the Challenge of Reality Summary
Malcolm Chisholm reminds us that records cannot be created in the absence of governance with the expectation that they can be matched up later.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Modelling Summary
Chris Bradley suggests seven key areas where information management practitioners are committing deadly sins.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments
Putting Predictive Analytics to Work Summary
Korhan Yunak provides excellent examples of real-life implementations of predictive analytics.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Information Quality (IQ)

by Korhan Yunak | 0 comments
The Extremes of Web Analytics: From Google to BAM and Business Intelligence Summary
In this article, Colin White reviews technologies and tools for producing web analytics and looks at how these analytics can be integrated into the enterprise business intelligence environment.

Topics: Analytics, Web Analytics

by Colin White | 0 comments
Drowning in Spreadsheets Summary
The aim of this article, says James Adman, is not to discourage you from using spreadsheet applications like Excel, but to encourage you to adopt practices that will allow you to use these tools safely.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Query & Reporting

by James Adman | 0 comments
Business Intelligence and Performance Management – A Necessity in Tough Economic Times Summary
Graham Spicer discusses why organisations must implement new performance management systems and establish capable business intelligence programmes to ensure financial stability in the current economic climate.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Performance Management

by Graham Spicer | 0 comments
“Whatever 2.0” and Going Digital Summary
Korhan Yunak explains why it is important to build integrated systems that link invaluable online data to existing business processes.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Web Analytics

by Korhan Yunak | 0 comments
Introduction to Master Data Management Summary
Andy Hayler defines master data management as the combination of organisation, processes and technology in support of the goal of managing master data on a consistent basis across the organisation and describes the problems that occur when master data is not properly managed.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Andy Hayler | 1 comment
Information Management Deficiency Syndrome: The Symptoms Summary
Jon Evans emphasizes that today’s proliferation of data-centric systems coupled with a climate of ever-increasing regulatory compliance should put information management at the very top of every organisation’s agenda.

Topics: Information Management

by Jon Evans | 0 comments
Information Quality Management as a Business Management Tool Summary
Larry English reminds us that learning and applying the principles with the proven quality management tools described in this article will enable your enterprise to begin the transformation to an effective – and sustainable – information quality culture.

Topics: Information Quality (IQ), Data Quality
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by Larry English | 0 comments
Database Technology for the Web: Part 3 – Hadoop Summary
In his continuing series on database technology for the Web, Colin White looks at Hadoop, concluding that while it is not an alternative to a relational DBMS for many enterprise applications, it is useful for certain specialized data-intensive applications that relational DBMSs may not be able to handle.

Topics: Information Management, Architecture, Data Management

by Colin White | 0 comments
You Know It’s Good When You Like It Again Summary
Frank Dravis describes his experiences with a project plan for a customer data warehouse implementation and describes how it validated his recent white paper on data governance and data management.

Topics: Information Management, Data Governance, Data Management

by Frank Dravis | 0 comments
Data Modelling is not Just for DBMSs, Part 2 Summary
In the final installment in this series, Chris Bradley discusses modelling for the "new" technologies, demonstrating the benefits, the greatest change required and what needs to stay the same.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments
History, Truth and Data Summary
In the spirit of trying to get to the point where it might be possible to ask some clear questions, rather than provide any answers, Malcolm Chisholm considers the relationship between history, truth and data from a very general perspective.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Management

by Malcolm Chisholm | 1 comment
When Data Can’t Be Trusted, Master Data Management Becomes “Plan B” Summary
Jill Dyché explains why companies are turning to master data management when they discover they have many different versions of the same data.

Topics: Data Integration, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Jill Dyché | 0 comments

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