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Using Unstructured Business Content in Business Intelligence Summary
Business content will have an increasing effect on business intelligence processing over the next few years.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Unstructured Data

by Colin White | 0 comments
Meeting the Challenge of Medical Tourism with Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
There are positive actions that can be taken to meet the challenge of medical tourism. In many ways, medical tourism is not a threat, but an opportunity.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Scott Wanless | 0 comments
Transitioning to Enterprise MDM – The Change Management Process, Part 1 Summary
Part 1 of this series examines one way to evolve toward enterprise MDM and opens a discussion on change management.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Mike Ferguson | 0 comments
Structuring the Unstructured Summary
The need to properly structure the outside world is a theme that carries right into the heart of the data warehouse.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Richard Brayshaw | 0 comments
What is Mixed Workload? Summary
When selecting a database system for use in a mixed query environment, it is important to carefully evaluate the workload management capabilities of the product.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Information Management, Operational Business Intelligence, Appliances

by Colin White | 0 comments
Business Intelligence is Dead – Long Live the Highly Evolved Business, Part 2 Summary
This article takes a look into an SOA – what it is, what drives it and, most interestingly, why SOA will eventually sound the death knell of business intelligence as we know it.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

by Barry Devlin | 0 comments
Serious Games in Virtual Worlds: The Future of Enterprise Business Intelligence Summary
The future of business intelligence in the enterprise may lie in the convergence of serious games with virtual worlds.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Richard Hackathorn | 0 comments
How Chief Financial Officers Use Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
Faced with the unique complexities of healthcare provider organizations, savvy CFOs turn to business intelligence to measure, manage and improve performance.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Management, Strategy

by Scott Wanless | 0 comments
Will Messaging Infrastructures Ultimately Displace Older Information Integration Schemes? Part 2 Summary
How does messaging technology fit within the broader area of business intelligence and information architectures?

Topics: Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), ETL, Operational Business Intelligence

by John Mehers | 0 comments
Decisions at Your Service Summary
The number of users of business intelligence is set to rapidly increase as we offer BI queries, cubes, reports and scoring models as Web services to any and all applications, portals and processes that require business intelligence on demand.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Operational Business Intelligence

by Mike Ferguson | 0 comments
Web 2.0, BPM 2.0, BI 2.0: How Many 2.0’s Do We Need? Summary
Business users and departmental IT organizations are forcing the industry to move away from the rigid and centralized IT approaches of the past.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Web Services

by Colin White | 0 comments
What Happens Next? Summary
What should you do following a business intelligence project implementation?

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Richard Brayshaw | 0 comments
Were You Looking Forward to 2007? Summary
Are your business intelligence systems and processes geared to allow you to plan ahead, or is your management information still stuck in “what happened last week” mode?

Topics: Analytics, Performance Management

by John Hobson | 0 comments
Building a Truly Great Healthcare Business Intelligence Application Summary
Using the data already owned to identify a mission, product and downstream actions is one of the best investments of time, money and effort that an organization can make

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Scott Wanless | 0 comments
The Impact of Web 2.0 on Business Portals Summary
Web 2.0 technologies add powerful capabilities to building and deploying portals and their associated workspaces.

Topics: Data Integration, Collaboration

by Colin White | 0 comments

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