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Welcome to my blog on the UK Business Intelligence Network. I hope to help you stay in touch with hot topics and reality on the ground in the UK and European business intelligence markets and to provide content, opinion and expertise on business intelligence (BI) and its related technologies. I also would relish it if you too can share your own valuable experiences. Let's hear what's going on in BI in the UK.

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Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited, a leading information technology analyst and consulting company. As lead analyst and consultant, he specializes in enterprise business intelligence, enterprise business integration, and enterprise portals. He can be contacted at +44 1625 520700 or via e-mail at

Following on from my last blog on data federation, the next data federation pattern I would like to discuss is a Data Warehouse Holistic Data View pattern. This is as follows.


Pattern Description

This pattern, also known as the schema extension pattern, uses data virtualization to create a holistic complete view of business activity by combining the latest most up to date operational transactional activity in one or more operational systems with detailed corresponding historical data from data warehouses and data marts.


Pattern Diagram



Holistic Data View Pattern.JPG


Pattern Example Use Case

Front-office staff in a call centre operator or a branch of a bank may need to view current risk exposure for a customer they are on the phone to while also looking at a risk exposure trend for that customer across all loan products held. A second use case is regulatory compliance reporting whereby operational and historical data may both be needed for compliance reporting.  


Reasons For Using It

This pattern allows companies to quickly show a holistic view of business activity that includes the more recent transactional activity combined with historical activity. This data can be presented for analysis and reporting even if the latest transactional data has not yet reached the data warehouse. 


Look out for the next data federation data warehouse patterns on virtual data mart and virtual data source coming soon



Posted November 16, 2009 10:08 AM
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