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Mike Ferguson

Welcome to my blog on the UK Business Intelligence Network. I hope to help you stay in touch with hot topics and reality on the ground in the UK and European business intelligence markets and to provide content, opinion and expertise on business intelligence (BI) and its related technologies. I also would relish it if you too can share your own valuable experiences. Let's hear what's going on in BI in the UK.

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Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited, a leading information technology analyst and consulting company. As lead analyst and consultant, he specializes in enterprise business intelligence, enterprise business integration, and enterprise portals. He can be contacted at +44 1625 520700 or via e-mail at

July 2010 Archives

Having just got back from the MicroStrategy World Conference in beautiful Cannes, I thought I would cover what was announced this week at the event.  CEO Michael Saylor launching MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry describing it as "the most significant launch in MicroStrategy history".  In his opening keynote he talked about mobile as "the 5th major wave of computing" starting with mainframe, then mini-computers, then personal computers, desktop internet and now mobile internet.  Their vision here is a good one - BI all the time, everywhere and for everyone. Mobile device access to BI has been around for a while in some offerings but I was impressed with the work MicroStrategy have put into the mobile user interface on touch sensitive 'gesture' devices like Apple iPhones and iPads.   They have taken advantage of the full set of Apple gestures and also added BI specific gestures including Drill down and Page By.  They have also released an Objective C software development kit (SDK) for MicroStrategy Mobile.  This allows developers to build custom widgets and embed them in the MicroStrategy Mobile application or embed MicroStrategy Mobile in your own application.

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Posted July 8, 2010 8:57 AM
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As I research more and more into the world of Cloud-based BI, it is becoming pretty evident where we are headed. In my opinion we are moving down the road to an iTunes model for BI.   Yesterday I spent some time with Actuate in London looking at their BIRT On-Demand platform as a service (PaaS) solution (which is very easy to use). It was only a matter of minutes before I was up and running with a Mashboard.  A few weeks back in New Orleans I used Dundas Dashboard to quickly build a dashboard from pre-built components. Similarly Microsoft SQL Server 2010 has the ability in ReportBuilder 3.0  to quickly build up a library of components that can be dragged and dropped into a report.

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Posted July 2, 2010 7:41 AM
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