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Barney Finucane

Welcome to my BeyeNETWORK blog. My main goal here is to address hype issues that come up in the Internet, not to provide any overview of the BI market itself. I look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

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Barney Finucane has extensive experience in the BI industry. As a consultant, he has supported companies in the chemical, energy and manufacturing sector with the introduction of BI software. As product manager for the company MIS, he was responsible for the front-end products Plain and onVision, and kept a keen eye on projects and tools from other vendors. His areas of speciality include tool selection, quality assurance for BI, data warehouse strategies and their architectures.

April 2013 Archives

Paraccel was founded in 2005 by former Netezza executives as an alternative to Netezza's DW appliance idea. Paraccel runs on a commodity platform. It got lots of VC money (I've heard estimates as high as $90m) but has comparatively few customers. 

Recently Paraccel apparently hoped to generate a little revenue with hosting deals, which are always low priced. Or maybe they were just in it for the publicity. The technology is used for MicroStrategy Wisdom and I doubt MicroStrategy paid them very much. Shortly thereafter, they entered a deal with Amazon to license their technology for Redshift, which Amazon is reselling at very low rates.

Paraccel's struggles aren’t very surprising, since ALL the other vendors in the space except Teradata lost their independence in 2010/2011. Sybase, Netezza, Kickfire, Greenplum, Vertica and Aster Data were all acquired. Also HP killed Neoview in the same time frame. 

Actian is the newish name for Ingres, and controls the open source database by the same name. It also has several other databases including VectorWise, and there seems to me to be a good deal of overlap between the products. It is not a high profile company but it will be interesting to see what strategy they adopt to squeeze cash out of this highly funded and presumably expensive product.

Posted April 27, 2013 1:42 PM
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