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L’Occitane looks to Pervasive Partner Poly-Asia e-Technology Hong Kong and Pervasive Data Integrator to improve global supply chain Summary
L’Occitane is an all-natural beauty products provider, based in Manosque in the Haute-Provence region of southern France. A fixture in Europe, L’Occitane has a growing retail presence in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim. With its growth, the company desired a seamless supply chain between its headquarters, different trading partners and subsidiaries.

Topics: Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Data Migration, Data Management
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Intuit Launches Self-Service Data Conversion to Expand Market and Reduce Costs Summary
Intuit is known worldwide as a leading provider of business and financial management solutions. Intuit wanted to provide a better experience for their new users – they found that they had many requests from people who had previously used a competing software product and now wanted to switch to QuickBooks, and simplifying that process could help Intuit expand its market opportunities. In addition, to meet the needs of their non-technical customers, Intuit had to provide a lightweight, wizard-based tool that was embedded in their product.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Data Migration
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Home Hardware Centralizes Supply Chain and Inventory Applications with Pervasive Data Integrator Summary
One of Canada’s largest home improvement retailers, Home Hardware Stores Limited has more than 1,000 independent stores offering more than 100,000 products for homes and gardens. As the company grows, it needs to enhance and automate its supply chain management through technology improvements. Home Hardware’s IT group turned to Pervasive to supply the integration flexibility to convert data from multiple legacy supply chain applications into one centralized system that will improve inventory and overall business efficiencies.

Topics: Data Integration
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No Data Emergencies for EMP Summary
EMP supplies residency-trained and board-certified emergency physicians to staff and manage hospital emergency departments. At 80 U.S. hospitals and counting, the company provides turnkey programs that offer higher levels of quality patient care, decreased malpractice liability claims, enhanced patient experience, hospital admissions and improved co-pay collections. EMP and its sister company Medical Billing and Financial Services (MBFS) achieve many of these objectives by placing great emphasis on efficiency and accuracy in the administrative and medical billing areas of its business.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Customer Data Integration, Data Management
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