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Intuit Launches Self-Service Data Conversion to Expand Market and Reduce Costs Summary
Intuit is known worldwide as a leading provider of business and financial management solutions. Intuit wanted to provide a better experience for their new users – they found that they had many requests from people who had previously used a competing software product and now wanted to switch to QuickBooks, and simplifying that process could help Intuit expand its market opportunities. In addition, to meet the needs of their non-technical customers, Intuit had to provide a lightweight, wizard-based tool that was embedded in their product.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Data Migration
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Pervasive Data Integrator Accelerates Print-to-EDI Processes Summary
This company provides paper-to-data conversion services that primarily process medical claims information from multiple print to EDI formats for health insurers. Handling hundreds of thousands of clean electronic claims each day, the company’s Mediclaim system removes time-intensive clerical work from claims adjusters’ busy schedules, freeing them to focus on decision-making functions.

Topics: Data Integration, Compliance, Data Quality, Customer Data Integration, Data Profiling, Data Management
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Healthcare Payers and Providers Benefit from Pervasive’s Powerful Integration Solutions to comply with HIPAA Summary
Payer Connection, LLC provides comprehensive web-based management applications and core electronic data interchange systems that swiftly enable payers and providers to comply with the HIPAA-mandated transactions. In addition to offering open platform applications, Payer Connection also offers an ASP Portal for rebranding applications and clearinghouse services.

Topics: Data Integration
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FAMIS Software, Inc. Shines on Important Projects with Pervasive Embedded Integration Summary
FAMIS Software provides fully adaptive and integrated workplace management software to the education, public sector and corporate markets. The company offers solutions covering all aspects of a facility’s life cycle. FAMIS has allowed customers to achieve improved spatial inventory management, asset tracking and move management, among many other options.

Topics: Data Integration, Customer Data Integration, Data Management
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