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Business Process Improvement – Avoiding the Technology Trap Summary
Why do many business process management initiatives fail to deliver the promised ROI? Richard Shreeve explains why successful process improvement involves much more than workflow design and automation.

Topics: Information Management, Business Process Management (BPM)

by Richard Shreeve | 0 comments
How Data Virtualization Helps Data Integration Strategies Summary
Chris Bradley details the current three leading styles of integration and how they can help you keep up with the fast pace of business changes.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments
Big Data – Same Problems? Summary
The “big data” phenomenon is driving transformational, technological, scientific and economic changes. In this article, Chris Bradley looks at how this phenomenon is pushing the limits of traditional data management and points out some of the problems that can slow the adoption of big data analytics.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Integration

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments
From Business Superstition to Business Intelligence Summary
James Adman describes the traps of information superstition that must be avoided if you want your BI system to provide true business intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Balanced Scorecard, Dashboards, Information Quality (IQ)

by James Adman | 0 comments
Business Intelligence for the Masses Summary
This article examines how "BI for the masses" connects to more specific market trends and reviews results published in The BI Survey 9. Based on over 3000 responses, these survey results provide interesting data on the state of the business intelligence market.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Barney Finucane | 0 comments
Making Data Everybody’s Business Summary
Why do data issues still hit the headlines? This article sheds light on a key factor: data ownership. Here is advice about how to start your data ownership journey by making data everybody’s business.

Topics: Information Management, Data Quality, Data Stewardship

by Tim Franklin | 0 comments
When Reports Go Bad Summary
Whether static or interactive, strategic, analytical or operational, it’s crucial that reports communicate the right information and that they do so quickly and consisely. Chris Daniels highlights techniques to ensure your reports don’t end up in the trash.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Query & Reporting, Dashboards, Visualization

by Chris Daniels | 0 comments
Strategic Business Intelligence Summary
Ensure that your KPIs and targets align with the company's strategy.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Performance Management

by James Adman | 0 comments
Where’s My Hard Hat? An Introduction to the Data Mining Process Summary
Trevor Hodges demystifies the art of data mining and suggests how you can shorten your analysis time by moving your data preparation to the data warehouse.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

by Trevor Hodges | 1 comment
What is a Semantic Layer and Why Would I Want One? Summary
There are real benefits to be gained through the use of semantic layers. Semantic layers are increasingly becoming available within all types of reporting environments, and their use should be encouraged.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Query & Reporting

by Chris Daniels | 0 comments
Business Intelligence in a Cold Climate – A Cautionary Tale Summary
Jon Evans provides an interesting comparison between a treacherous ride home on a snowy night and the business climate during a recession.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Jon Evans | 0 comments
So How Do You Want Yours Served? Summary
The information explosion, plethora of tool options and information regulation and compliance present many challenges. This article looks at two of trends in information management: data virtualisation and open source solutions.

Topics: Information Management

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments
The IT Credibility Crunch Summary
Are you about to be hit by the IT credibility crunch? Tim Franklin describes the concept behind a potentially damaging problem that unwittingly affects many IT departments. He highlights the common symptoms and identifies some basic approaches to combat the root cause.

Topics: Information Management

by Tim Franklin | 0 comments
Master Data Mix-Ups Summary
Chris Daniels reminds us that if we have different interpretations of the term “master data,” any conversations we have about master data and master data management could be at cross purposes.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Chris Daniels | 0 comments
The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Modelling Summary
Chris Bradley suggests seven key areas where information management practitioners are committing deadly sins.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

by Chris Bradley | 0 comments