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Enterprise Business Intelligence and "Out-of-the-Box" Solutions Summary
There are many factors that affect the success of an enterprise business intelligence initiative, and this article suggests out-of-the-box enterprise BI solutions should include a common data model, core processes (for ETL, reporting, analytics), a governance structure, a common approach to data quality, a presentation layer and metrics, and a decisioning engine.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Enterprise Information Integration (EII), Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

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Business Intelligence Competency Centre Summary
A business intelligence competency centre (BICC) allows organizations to leverage their BI initiatives. One starting point to establish a solid BI strategy is to take an inventory of the BI initiatives in place as well as the people, processes and technologies within the organization.

Topics: Business Intelligence

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Who Needs a Business Intelligence Strategy? Summary
Korhan Yunak asserts that a technical business intelligence architecture document must not be confused with a business intelligence strategy.

Topics: Business Intelligence, KPI

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Putting Predictive Analytics to Work Summary
Korhan Yunak provides excellent examples of real-life implementations of predictive analytics.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Information Quality (IQ)

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“Whatever 2.0” and Going Digital Summary
Korhan Yunak explains why it is important to build integrated systems that link invaluable online data to existing business processes.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Web Analytics

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Spotless Mind of a Project Manager Summary
Korhan Yunak presents three critical success factors for project management.

Topics: Information Management, Best Practices, Business Intelligence

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CVM Combined with Analytics Summary
Building analytical capabilities that include subscriber segmentation based on usage behaviours and churn analysis should be a primary focus for a successful CVM program. This must be followed by effective marketing campaigns.

Topics: Analytics, Data Modeling and Design, Predictive Analytics

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What it Takes to be a Real CVM Player Summary
Korhan Yunak describes four strategies to help establish a culture devoted to customer value management.

Topics: Analytics, CRM

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Changing the Rules of the Game Summary
BeyeNETWORK welcomes new channel expert Korhan Yunak. His first article introduces the concept of customer value management.

Topics: Business Intelligence, CRM

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