Brian Canning, CTO of TRA, Describes Award-Winning Analytics Implementation of Kognitio

Originally published 24 November 2009

Brookfield, WI  November 20, 2009 – In conjunction with the announcement of the recipients of the 2009 Vision Awards for Business Impact, Mary Jo Nott, Executive Editor of the BeyeNETWORK, interviewed Brian Canning, CTO of TRA, about its award-winning submission in the analytics category.

In this interview, Canning shares how TRA processes massive quantities of information down to the individual household level and adds a top layer of purchasing data to create an online analytics platform for media planners and agencies. “Data is at the heart of what we do,” states Canning. “The WX2 analytics engine can deal with the huge data volumes we collect in the Internet time frame that we need to provide the online service we require. Before Kognitio a sizable part of engineering was spent dealing with scalability. Once we implemented WX2 – we had a single point of entry and excellent query performance across billions of rows of data.”

“The BeyeNETWORK presents the Vision Award for Business Impact each year to recognize the actual business value being derived from adoption of software technology. Congratulations to TRA and Kognitio for winning this award and for sharing their success story,” states Nott. “Delivering timely information is a key differentiator for TRA’s adoption of Kognitio in addition to scalability, reliability and speed.”

To listen to the interview, please click here. Excerpts from this submission as well as the other Award winners are available at

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About Kognitio
Kognitio is at the forefront of business intelligence, data warehousing and data warehousing as a service (DaaS). The relationship between very high performance, ever more complex analysis, increasing data volumes and data quality is the key to providing effective solutions in a wide variety of industries. Kognitio continues to develop its software-only analytical database solution, Kognitio WX2, which offers organizations a fast, powerful and scalable data warehousing platform for complex analytics.

About TRA
TRA, Inc. (True ROI Accountability for Media) is a media and marketing research company whose proprietary patent pending platform, Media TRAnalytics®, cost effectively matches the ads that people actually receive with the products people actually buy, giving advertisers, agencies and media transparency, accountable measurement, media planning and improved return-on-investment for their advertising spend. TRA has 1.5 million households of TV set top box data from multiple software platforms, 54 million households of purchase data and the largest single source database ever – 370,000 households. TRA employs proprietary measurement technologies and proven algorithms developed and refined over a 10-year period with 40,000 man-hours invested into developing TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® platform over the past 2 years. TRA’s clients include television networks, consumer packaged goods companies and media agencies. Investors include Kodiak Venture Partners, WPP and Arbitron, Inc. TRA is ISO 27001 certified, the information security management system standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) designed to ensure security controls to protect information assets.


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SOURCE: Brian Canning, CTO of TRA, Describes Award-Winning Analytics Implementation of Kognitio