Three New Institutions Select iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Suite

Originally published 14 May 2010

iStrategy Solutions (iStrategy), the leading developer of higher education data warehousing and analytic software solutions, recently announced three new institutions that have selected the iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Suite.  The three institutions -- University at Buffalo, Anderson University (Indiana) and LDS Business College -- will use iStrategy HigherEd Analytics for web-enabled reporting and analysis of student data to executives, department heads and staff on a self-service basis, enabling business intelligence and data-enhanced decision making.

iStrategy HigherEd Analytics uniquely integrates out-of-the-box with PeopleSoft, Banner and Datatel ERP; as a result, institutions achieve timely, actionable reporting and analytics for significantly less time and total cost than alternative solutions.

"iStrategy clearly understands the challenges of higher ed data warehousing and analytics," said Gary Pacer, Manager of Application Development for the University at Buffalo. "The iStrategy HigherEd Analytics solution takes what is a very complex ERP database and, out of the box, provides data models, ETL [extraction, transformation and loading], metrics and reports to get you up and running. This was a big attraction for us."

Pacer added, "From an IT perspective, we are impressed with the solid technical engineering put into the iStrategy solution. From a business user perspective, our 'knowledge workers' are excited by the possibilities of enhanced decision making and business benefits achieved using easily accessed and actionable student analytics found in the iStrategy solution."

"The mission of iStrategy is to effectively turn higher education data into actionable information," said Mark Max, CEO of iStrategy.  "Institutions use insights gained from iStrategy HigherEd Analytics to attract and retain students, improve student outcomes, manage course capacities and improve management of financial aid, budgeting/finance, HR and more. We welcome our newest HigherEd Analytics clients and look forward to providing actionable information that helps institutions succeed and thrive."

SOURCE: Three New Institutions Select iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Suite