Security Industry Association Selects Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect

Originally published 17 May 2010

Sparx Systems, a leading vendor of modeling tools based on open standards, recently announced that its award winning UML tool, Enterprise Architect, has been adopted by the Security Industry Association (SIA). The choice of Enterprise Architect by SIA for development of standards, highlights the growing deployment and increasing value of object oriented modeling across a growing diversity of disciplines, in the development of reference models and the creation of standards.

The use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) has proven to be of great value in the development of standard interface definitions and in communicating model concepts, both domestically and internationally, especially within the IT community.

Monica Rigano, SIA Director of Technical Standards, noted, "SIA is very confident that with the support of Sparx Systems, the complexity of ongoing standards development tasks will be easier to address and through deployment of tools such as Enterprise Architect, more standards will be developed in less time, to meet the growing demand."

Commenting on the use of Enterprise Architect, Joseph Gittens the Standards Manager at SIA, said, "The Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) framework has been one of SIA's most ambitious and successful standardization efforts. The OSIPS Framework effort defines a set of common design elements required for the family of standards, as well as cross-industry interfaces. The use of Enterprise Architect is invaluable in developing not only the OSIPS standards, but also quick, organized drafts of thought models, used throughout the standard creation process."

"We are excited to be supporting the standards development effort of SIA with Enterprise Architect" said, Ken Harkin, Sparx Systems Business Development Manager. "This development support for SIA continues our mutual interaction with standards development organizations. The use of Enterprise Architect by SIA also strengthens our shared relationship in sectors that may influence the standards development activities of SIA. These include energy utilities, the geospatial sector and e-health, where Enterprise Architect is already used in the development of industry standards."

SOURCE: Security Industry Association Selects Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect