Clavis Technology Releases Data Steward 2.0

Originally published 17 May 2010

Clavis Technology recently announced the availability of Clavis Data Steward 2.0, the latest version of its leading cloud-based data quality solution for data capture, collection and origination processes.

Clavis Data Steward is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that provides data quality validation and monitoring in upstream data creation and data update forms, applications and processes. Enhancements in Version 2.0 include standard data validation services, new role-based dashboards for different data quality users, extended functionality for glossaries and data quality rules management, and wider integration with third party applications, data integration suites and data quality tools.

“Clavis Data Steward is a unique data quality solution because it enables organizations to get their data right at the true point of capture,” said Garry Moroney, chief executive officer, Clavis Technology. “Organizations that tackle data quality when data is first created are positioned to realize the significant benefits of high quality throughout the enterprise for longer.”

Based on web 2.0 technologies and a cloud-computing delivery model Clavis Data Steward empowers business users to define and manage data quality rules, and easily deploy relevant data controls at loosely-governed data collection points such as in desktop spreadsheets, databases and forms. With the addition of standard validation services in Clavis Data Steward 2.0 individual users can logon to the Clavis hosted service to validate specific data, to ensure it conforms to standards such as GS1, before sharing it with trading partners and customers. Improvements in glossary and rules management capabilities in Clavis Data Steward 2.0 include new rule libraries, easier navigation and advances in data quality rule reusability and productivity.

The new dashboards in Clavis Data Steward 2.0 offer high-level monitoring and reporting of validations and data errors across processes, applications and data providers based on each individual’s role. The dashboards help data stewards and data managers to identify problem processes, forms or data and to facilitate prompt resolution of issues.

Improved integration based on web-oriented technology applies to front-end data collection forms-technology and back-end applications from SAP to, as well as data integration platforms such as Talend Data Integration Suite and Informatica PowerCenter. Clavis Data Steward 2.0 also includes the latest version of Excel Form Builder for Excel 2010, which enables business users to easily add Clavis’ hierarchical data quality rules to new and existing data collection forms created using Microsoft Excel.

SOURCE: Clavis Technology Releases Data Steward 2.0