Oco Provides D&M with SaaS BI Solution to Increase Visibility of Global Sales & Inventory

Originally published 17 May 2010

Oco, Inc., the leading innovator of Software-as-a-Service business intelligence (SaaS BI) solutions, recently announced that D&M Holdings Inc, a global manufacturer of premium and super-premium audio and video products, has successfully deployed Oco’s SaaS BI solution for advanced reporting and analytics.

"The ease of use and breadth of visibility that the solution offers has excited the user base in our organization,” said Lalit Panda, CIO of D&M Holdings. “Taking a SaaS BI approach enabled us to get the solution up and running for users across three continents quickly; we were able to see the business benefits right away.”

D&M’s new BI solution is based on an integrated SaaS BI solution that uses Oco’s patented data integration and data warehousing Software-as-a-Service, integrating D&M data from multiple transactional systems, including two global SAP ECC systems in Japan and in the Netherlands, a JD Edwards system in the U.S. and another local European system.

“It enables seamless reporting of integrated sales, margin, and inventory data across our global brands, regions, and customers,” said Lalit. “The analytics solution allows us to spend our time acting on the insights gained instead of using critical resources to simply collect and aggregate data.”

“The use of Oco’s BI and analytics solution by D&M Holdings demonstrates the flexibility of our solution,” said William Copacino, president and CEO, Oco, Inc. "We're pleased to play a part in improving D&M Holdings’ business performance by providing integrated visibility to their operating teams and executive leadership."

SOURCE: Oco Provides D&M with SaaS BI Solution to Increase Visibility of Global Sales & Inventory