Dundas Data Visualization Launches Dundas Dashboard v2.0

Originally published 18 May 2010

Dundas Data Visualization recently announced the production launch of Dundas Dashboard v2.0 - a feature-rich upgrade of the company's all-inclusive web-based platform for digital dashboard creation, integration and delivery.

Dundas Dashboard revolutionizes the dashboard space by providing all the technology needed to quickly create/integrate dashboards for business intelligence activities. Building on the functionality of v1.1, the new release expands its feature set to provide even more benefits to all in the dashboard-creation process (BI professionals, database administrators, developers/IT staff and business users alike).

"Last month's v2.0 beta release showed customers exactly what our rich internet application can do for them," said Ed Worsfold, Dundas's Marketing Director. "The response has been gratifying and overwhelming. In addition, we've now finalized all the customer-driven enhancements."

Some of the many highlights of v2.0 include:

OLAP capabilities - For organizations employing an MS OLAP data warehouse, v2.0 lets them quickly build robust ad-hoc analytical dashboards for visualizing and analyzing multidimensional data.

SharePoint integration - In addition to integrating into any web or Silverlight application, Dundas Dashboard v2.0 now features a SharePoint Web Part, so users can access dashboards in a familiar portal environment.

Complete customization and extensibility - Dundas Dashboard v2.0 is designed for extensive customization via its open API, giving developers the ability to customize and extend the platform to an organization's exact needs.

Mashups - Dundas mashups allow users to reuse existing KPIs and metrics (and the visualizations with which they have been paired) for a quick drag-and-drop creation experience. This allows users to better utilize screen space to focus only on metrics of interest.

Unrivaled dashboard communication - Export dashboards for offline use, share links or use powerful annotations to give others additional contextual depth and analyses.

Dundas DashFlow streamline development - V2.0 saves users time by allowing them to build dashboards without connecting to actual data. Dundas Dashboard's unique KPI stubbing feature allows for a parallel-track development process, so DBAs and BI professionals who design dashboards can work on dashboard projects or proof-of-concept dashboards - all concurrently.

"The Dundas DashFlow process is just one example of how Dundas Dashboard is saving customers time and money," Worsfold added. "Also, the complete v2.0 feature list includes so much more, like new data visualizations, templates, datasets, a new viewer control - there's a lot of new and great stuff here."

Dundas Dashboard v2.0 leverages the latest Silverlight technologies and can be purchased from the Dundas sales department or a network of value-added resellers. In addition, Dundas offers free live presentations to demonstrate the product based on individual needs.

SOURCE: Dundas Data Visualization Launches Dundas Dashboard v2.0