Release of Active Intelligence Engine 2.1 Announced by Attivio

Originally published 3 June 2010

Attivio, Inc. announced the latest version of its flagship platform the Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) 2.1. Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine uncovers all the information needed, no matter the source or format, to help users identify trends and opportunities. It joins pertinent data and unstructured information to detect challenges and threats before they become issues. New to AIE, Attivio has incorporated key features including SQL support (via a JDBC driver), key phrase detection, content spotlighting, entity-level sentiment analysis and integrated connector support for active security.

"For information access to work well, it needs strong technical features that support searching, browsing, analysis and decision making," said Sue Feldman, IDC's vice president for Search and Discovery Technologies. "Capabilities like SQL support, key phrase detection and entity-level sentiment analysis are important innovations that provide a deeper level of detection and analysis than have traditionally been available through enterprise search and business intelligence applications. They deepen the understanding of the information to make results more pertinent, and to provide analysis and reporting on top of good information access."

Attivio's AIE brings immediacy and depth to the information that drives enterprise organizations, uniting content and text analytics with normalized, related data from any source. AIE enables rich applications, such as dashboards, that provide a comprehensive view across documents, websites, emails and more, as well as data that has traditionally been limited to database applications. The platform directly ingests data without relying on time-consuming data modeling, so it can be accessed and synthesized as soon as it is received.

"With the latest version of AIE, we have accomplished some significant milestones. Support for AI-SQL via JDBC delivers the precision of SQL with the fuzziness of search, using a language that is entirely familiar to virtually all developers. At the same time, key phrasing helps to disambiguate an entity based on statistical improbabilities, while our sentiment analysis capabilities can see beyond seemingly positive content to get to the underlying cause of negativity," said Sid Probstein, chief technology officer, Attivio, Inc. "These features are not available in legacy enterprise search, data management or business intelligence technologies. AIE brings the best of these solutions into a single unified information access platform."

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SOURCE: Release of Active Intelligence Engine 2.1 Announced by Attivio