Informatica Platform Provides Competitive Advantage for Dean Health Plan

Originally published 3 June 2010

Informatica Corporation, an independent provider of data integration software, announced that Dean Health Plan, one of the largest and most diversified health maintenance organization (HMO) in the Midwest, has standardized on the Informatica Platform.

Dean Health Plan is implementing a single integrated claims administration system to streamline claims management, adjudication and reporting. The implementation has reduced latency of critical information from a matter of weeks to a day or less. Dean Health Plan now enjoys quicker reaction time, effective claims trends and information requests across a network of more than 2,000 healthcare practitioners, 80 clinic sites and 26 plan hospitals.

After their initial data warehouse deployment in 2001, Dean Health Plan has selected the Informatica Platform as "the solution of choice" for data integration, movement and synchronization.

The Informatica Platform powers the successful, low-risk migration of claims data from a legacy mainframe environment to a modern HIPAA-ready EDS Metavance claims system.

The business benefits for Dean Health Plan include a faster, more efficient process for submitting patient referral requests that has helped enhance practitioner efficiency; reduced administrative costs; and improved patient satisfaction. The IT benefits include increased IT agility in the face of business and regulatory change requests from the government for new types of information within frequently tight timeframes. The Informatica Platform also enables the company to respond quickly and cost-effectively to requests through the extensive use of reusability and automation built into the Informatica Platform.

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SOURCE: Informatica Platform Provides Competitive Advantage for Dean Health Plan