Business Analytics at the Speed of Thought Now Possible with Ingres Vectorwise

Originally published 9 June 2010

Ingres Corporation, a leading open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, announced today the general availability of Ingres VectorWise for Linux, the next generation of database technology. Ingres VectorWise has been proven by Ingres customers and partners over the last six months to provide performance gains of 10x to 70x over existing database and analytic servers whilst running sophisticated analytics on large to truly massive data sets.  
Customers report that answers to complex business queries that previously took several minutes are now available in seconds for companies seeking to leverage faster database performance for an immediate impact to the bottom line. Partners report the amount of time that big analytical or business intelligence projects usually take are being cut in half. Ingres VectorWise has completed a successful beta program and is now generally available for Linux and can be downloaded at More information regarding customer experiences can be found at
The release of Ingres VectorWise is one of the most significant database technology innovations in the last 20 years, and meets broad business demands to analyze exploding volumes of data. It uses a unique new design to unlock the vastly superior capabilities of modern commodity hardware. These capabilities are the result of years of multi-billion dollar chip technology investments which can only be exploited by software designed for this era.

“For the past 20 years, we’ve been searching for the killer database that would fulfill our most intense data processing needs and with the discovery of Ingres VectorWise, that search is now over – this database technology is in a class of its own,” said Warren S. Master, CTO at The Rohatyn Group, a New York-based asset management company focused on global emerging market investments. “Right out of the box, Ingres VectorWise lets us effortlessly plow through millions and millions of rows of data with seemingly infinite width and depth and without the need for new expensive hardware, complicated schemas, explicit indexing, pre-aggregation, or specially hand-crafted DBA-tuned SQL. The Ingres and VectorWise leaders and technologists have performed a miracle here.”

Intel alone invests more than $6B a year in chip and memory technology and has been a key partner in bringing Ingres VectorWise Database technology to market. Intel was an active participant in the original project announcement of “breakthrough performance” in July 2009 and more information can be found in the joint Ingres-Intel technical white paper.
 “As a result of this collaboration, Ingres VectorWise is able to unlock and exploit the full processing power of today’s chip technology. Now, business applications can gain the full benefits of Moore’s Law with consequent reductions in hardware costs, project risk and complexity,” said Roger Burkhardt, CEO, Ingres. “The ability to handle unprecedented amounts of data on simple commodity hardware will open up a raft of new possibilities for analytic applications that will deliver a competitive edge to our partners and customers.”
 “The VectorWise technology is unique in the database area in fully exploiting modern chip features introduced by industry leaders like Intel, something usually only achieved in video-editing software or games,” said Marcin Zukowski of VectorWise. “Ingres has made a visionary move to bring the acclaimed VectorWise technology to market, showing how open source companies can take the technological lead by open innovation,” said Peter Boncz of Amsterdam-based CWI, the research institute where the VectorWise technology was conceived.

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SOURCE: Business Analytics at the Speed of Thought Now Possible with Ingres Vectorwise