Teradata and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Bring More Powerful Capabilities to Customers in Every Industry

Originally published 10 June 2010

Teradata Corporation recently announced a significant evolutionary step in its technology partnership with Microsoft to bring more powerful capabilities to joint customers in every industry. The expansion includes tighter integration between Teradata database platforms and Microsoft applications to give thousands of users real-time access to a single, accurate enterprise version of the truth. The partners are both positioned as leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrants for their respective offerings.

With the tighter technology integration, customers using Teradata and Microsoft will gain streamlined access to strategic and operational intelligence, and more effectively deploy pervasive business intelligence.

Retailer Red Apple, Inc. is the latest of many Teradata customers to leverage the Teradata-Microsoft partnership. Red Apple is a supermarket-convenience store chain and fuel distributor based in New York that recently implemented a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, running the Teradata database with related services to support its Microsoft applications.

"We expect dramatic business benefits from the combination of Microsoft running on Teradata advantages of speed in query processing and an enterprise-class visibility to granular detail and analytic insight," said Chris McCrae, chief information officer, Red Apple. "In fact, the power of the partnership is already delivering on its promise in these areas. Coupling Teradata's data management expertise with Microsoft's software design and delivery skills creates a BI toolset that is much greater than the sum of its parts."

Among the many Teradata customers that leverage the partnership with Microsoft are NCR Corporation, the General Organization for Export and Import Control (Egypt's foreign exchange organization), and numerous banks, retailers, and manufacturers.

"The combination of Microsoft and Teradata has been successfully delivering high return on investment to organizations for years through a powerful integration of business intelligence and productivity technologies," said Kim Akers, general manager for global partners at Microsoft. "This next step provides new ways for people to work together more effectively while increasing productivity."

"The optimization of Teradata with these new Microsoft 2010 products is the latest example of good Microsoft and Teradata collaboration which brings to market business intelligence tools that enable easy and fast end-user access to enterprise data warehouse data," said Todd Walter, chief technology officer, Teradata Research and Development.

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SOURCE: Teradata and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Bring More Powerful Capabilities to Customers in Every Industry